Friday 3 August 2012


Friday 6.45 a.m.
Yesterday was my youngest daughter's fifteenth birthday- I can hardly believe she is that age already and how time has flown. The sunne has been much more prevalent here in Tradgardland of late and this has been accompanied by brief but intense rain showers.The garden is starting to move forward and we have been able to eat,read and sit outside- I even painted some figures out on the bench earlier his week.
Tomorrow sees the wargames show Claymore in Edinburgh. I have attended (as well as put on display games) for more years than I care to think of. The venue has changed over the years and it is now held in an excellent modern college building. I am looking forward to being inspired by the work others,to say hello to old and new friends and perhaps buy the odd item or two. I have the new Osprey rules "Dux Bellorum" on pre order to be collected from Caliver at the show. I may be tempted too by some additions/tweaks for my Welsh Nationalists. Today I will be painting up the last of the current lot in order to use them in a game at my regular opponents house after Claymore.Tuesday saw me scratchbuiding a mortar from card, a bead and the inside tubing of a pen.Why pay £8 when you can have a go yourself.If I finish it today I will post a photo later.Enjoy your day and may the sunne shine on you and yours too.


  1. A belated "Happy Birthday" to your daughter, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Look forward to seeing more Welsh nationalist ideas - the deployment of an Eisteddfodau cultural commissar??