Sunday 23 December 2007

It came upon a Midnight Clear.........

The house spirit has finished his meal and the music drifting down from the Palace Chapel reminds him it is the Birthday of the Christ Child.
In the Chapel the Ducal Household has just finished hearing Midnight Mass. The choir sings at the crib and all is serene under the black cope of the star lit Heavens.
The Duke ponders upon an eventful year,Alisona thinks of what might have been ,Liv remembers she must visit the orphans prior to retiring and Von Bergman silently gives thanks for a safe return. Soon they will eat and drink together, giving and receiving presents , and when dawn unfurls the flag of day, they will hear the Dawn Mass of Christmas Morn , Deo Gratias!
Peace and Goodwill to all friends of Tradgardland everywhere!

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