Thursday 6 December 2007

Tradgardland sleigh ride

The Ducal court take the chance to enjoy the newly fallen snow and engage in seasonal hunting of the Tradgardland boar. Karl Frederick,Liv and Alisona take the lead sledge surrounded by hussars in winter uniforms. Lances shine in the brilliant sun . Behind in a sledge of his own is Max. He is accompanied by Brother Benedict who will be his guide to the unknown land of Schwartz Wald See. Max hopes to spend some time with the Ducal family ,combining the visit with a visitation of the Abbeys and Cathedrals of the Duchy.
All is well, no boar have been sighted but the mulled ale and dried herring have proved popular. Suddenly a shot is heard . The driver of Max's sledge slumps over . A figure is seen fleeing on skies. The hussars pursue but he escapes amongst the trees. Max is shaken but safe!


  1. You really have a gift to find pictures and built a story from them - or is the reverse?

    Or is it an ' egg & chicken' cycle? An image -> a subject -> Google for relevant illos -> further ideas...?


  2. And a most wonderful gift it is! Does it truly matter the details of the process? What intriguing stories have been built from these photos and drawings. I, like all of us I am certain, stand amazed and in awe of this talent and can only urge the bard to continue, no matter what the workings of the Muse.