Sunday 2 December 2007

Advent Arrives..........

Across the Duchy the season of Advent has begun. The Duke heard High Mass in the Cathedral today and the seasonal prayer " Dominus dabit benignitatem : et terra nostra dabit fructum suum." - The Lord will grant us his blessing to make our land yield its harvest! The words striking a chord in his and other minds of the seasonal markets which begin after Mass ends . The Duke and other members of the Household were unaware of the young woman in black huddled at the back of the Cathedral. Her needy eyes following him as he departed to open the Yul Market. For , unknown to anyone present , the figure is Alisona - his estranged daughter.
The market has been open for some hours now - visitors are greeted by many sights and sounds - the hurdy gurdy man singing songs of love, the smell of roasting chestnuts and the brightly painted carved wooden Herring so beloved of the children. The Duke and Duchess are full of roast boar and Yul ale and are in fine spirits. As the Duke walks around a corner in the market a figure throws herself at his feet. For a second he is stunned then he meets her eyes and whispers Alisona!
He raises her to her feet ,embraces her, leads her to the Duchess who collapses in tears of joy. The Prodigal has returned , is accepted and the fatted calf is ready . Reconciliation comes to the House of Tradgardland.


  1. Just down the street from the touching scene of reunion, a figure stands in a traveling cloak that covers the rougher attire of a Ny Tradgarland woodsman. Had the Household paid more attention, they might have noticed the same figure within the Cathedral earlier.

    As the young widow is reunited with her father, the woodsman silently salutes the distant scene, and turns to fade into the crowds. His duty to her fallen husband is done....Alisona is safely in the arms of her family, unaware of the guardian who has tracked her progress all the way here. His obligation fulfilled, he has a ship to catch, back to the colony that he calls home. Perhaps someday she will learn of the young huntsman who kept vigil over her, and think of him kindly.