Thursday, 29 November 2007

A surprise package..

The Duke is sitting at breakfast- the carp was excellent and just cooked to perfection, when a knock comes to the door.He asks the footman to enter. He comes in carrying a sealed document case bearing the seal of Von Bergmann.
The Duke opens it and sees within some illustrations pertaining to the army of Danmark Norroway. Also a letter as follows
To Duke Karl Frederick Greetings from Von Bergman in Norroway!
I send the greetings of the Norroway Governor and also these portrayals of his forces. He assures you that if you see such uniformed men on the field of Mars they shall be with and for Tradgardland rather than in opposition.
Von Bergman

The Dukes ponders all he has seen and read . Von Bergmann may have done the Duchy a great service he muses.....


  1. Great pictures - and good news for the Duke!