Sunday, 18 November 2007

Out of character

Home early from work on Friday and digging deep under the stairs to just see what figs are there. I have decided to collect Austrians and beef up those I already have. Theses will form the major opposition to the Prussians a friend is planning. However I will continue to do justice to the Tradgardlanders.

I have been looking for another idea to paint/research and I have decided upon the Danish Norwegian army of 1762. I started upon the Danish life guard of foote yesterday- Prussian style uniforms with red coats. The picture is one I found on the Web of danish uniforms of the period- enjoy!


  1. " I will continue to do justice to the Tradgardlanders": will their army be a copycat of the Danish Norwegian army of 1762, or will they keep 'original', purely Tradgarlander, uniforms?


  2. Tradgardlanders will be seperate with regard to uniforms . They will take their place upon the table allied with the Danish Norwegian. At the moment I am organising the Legion Tradgardland, jeagers painted but needing based.Others to follow anon.

  3. I really like the Danish Norwegian uniforms pictured.

    I also like a lot of the "peripheral troops" that the Austrians had. In some ways I wish that I had started my Saxe-Bearsteinan army based on Austria rather than Hanover . . . but then again, I really like red-coated infantry.

    -- Jeff