Friday 9 November 2007

A letter to King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway

Dear Brother
I greet you as fellow ruler and head of state under God. I trust this letter finds you of good council and comfort. I am sending this letter to you informing you of the current expedition to the Shetland Isles. I write asking you for supplies of food and gunpowder for our troops in the Northern clime. A good price ,and mutual aid will follow from this if you so desire.
I await your reply
your fraternally
Karl Frederick


  1. Dear Cousin,
    while rumours of war reach us from the Shetlands, Altberg and Togaras seem to have disppeared from the surface of Earth! Were the communications interrupted by the movements of troops in the vicinty, or did some tsunami or flood erased them (we know that Togaras is close to the United Provinces, which live under such threat)?
    Best regards,

  2. Brother
    Tororgas is a area bordering with Turkey in the East and is therefore safe.Altberg will pop up now and then but is ,I fear, an outpost of the Imerium - no more ,no less.Tradgardland flourishes under God and the Duke and long may she so do.

  3. Brother of the North Sea,
    glad to be ensured that Tradgarland is to flourish!
    The Banat of Togaras is so safe that it seems to have disappeared from the World - Happy Countries have no History?-...
    Now, Brother, you are (too much, I fear!) aware of our insatiable thirst of knowledge about uniforms from 'our' Europe. If thhe Grand Ducal Society, or the Tradgarlander College of Heraldry, happen to have some knowledge of the uniforms commisioned for the 3 recorded ±military units of Altberg, and any 'uniformed' outfit in Togaras, could you kindly share this knowledge with us?

    References to Altberg and Togaras have been removed from the EvE encyclopedy: will the keeper of the Monte-Cristan public library erase the corresponding entries?

    Brotherly regards,