Thursday 8 November 2007

Nightime over the Duchy

From their Palace balcony the Duke and Duchess watch the annual fireworks display put on by the Artillery Guild of St Barbara. As ever an infinite number of patterns and colours have graced the black night sky. The Duke muses upon the events that have illuminated his life so far - marriage, taking up the burden of the Duchy,the birth of his children and the death of one. Life's pleasures and satisfactions light up the sky for an instance and then are gone . Duty to God and Duchy remain constant and comforting ,in a strange way,too.

The Duchess ponders those officers and wives known to her ,some who are upon the sea this night rather than being illuminated by the products of alchemical expertise. She draws closer to her husband as the night turns chilly with the erupting of the stars.


  1. Once again I would like to comment favorably on your "small moments" that give us a nice feeling of the period.

    Keep it up.

    -- Jeff

  2. Where do you find all of your pictures?

  3. Dear Der Alte
    I just use the Altavista search engine and it is amazing what useful material turns up - that is where the EvE Shetland landing picture came from.