Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Today throughout the Duchy the carp herders are preparing for the annual visit of the Ducal Fish Pond Inspectorate. As carp form a large part of the stable diet it is important that the hereditary ponds belonging to each community are maintained to a high standard. The carp warden is a position handed down from father to son or daughter. They maintain the food supply on behalf of the community and are paid by community member's working their land in return. So today the Carp Warden uniforms are brushed off and donned once more, the silver badge of office burnished and they are ready!


  1. In more (south-)western countries -well, what is known as and of Gallia here- fish ponds were generally manned by monasteries.

    Interesting to note that, in 'advanced' / 'progressive' / 'enlightened' Tradgarland, the State is clearly separated from the Church in important matters.


  2. "The carp warden is a position handed down from father to son or daughter."

    We in Monte-Cristo, pioneers of civic rights equality between both genres, greatly appreciate to see this same policy practiced -even if on a limited scale?- in other Advanced Countries.