Monday 26 November 2007

Birch Wine

The Duke and Duchess have beeen invited to sample the Annual Birch Wine which is now ready . The wine is made from Birch Sap - collected when it is rising.

They make their way through the cellars that lie within hailing distance of the Sea in Althavn. It has become custom for the Ducal Family to sample the wine prior to the sale of it at the Advent Markets soon to take place. The wine is poured into the ceremonial silver flagon and poured into the wine glasses of the Duke and Duchess. With due care and attention to the solemnity of the day they drink and drink once more. With the ceremonial words -The Birch is well and well for all ! pronounced the Duke will sit and take his ease again. This afternoon he is to visit the rehearsals of the Mystery Play depicting the legend of the golden herring.

Narrator : if anyone reading would like to try Birch wine may I humbly suggest they seek out Silver Birch Wine by Moniack Castle Winery , Inverness , Scotland. It is well worth the search and effort...

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  1. Interesting. In Pennsylvania they make birch beer (not actually beer, but carbonated soft drink along the lines of root beer and ginger ale). Not sure if it is actually made from birch though.