Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Army reform - Tradgardland style.

There have been comings and goings all day in the Ducal Palace. Men ,puffed -up with their own self importance have waited hours for a few minutes of the Duke's time. The corridor is full of the hopeful,the disappointed and the resigned. One by one they are called into the presence of Karl Frederick,one by one they leave disguising their feelings with bluff greetings. For this is the day when the officers ( and would- be officers ) find out if they have a place in the reformed army.

The Duke has thought long and hard,realised he will have made enemies but has carried on for the good of Tradgardland. Tomorrow he will address the army and those who command it . Tonight he will dine quietly,exhausted by the day's proceedings, retiring early with his beloved Duchess to their inner sanctum.

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