Sunday 25 November 2007

Weekend in Tradgardland and reality..

It has been a pleasant Weekend . I have read about Stollen on the Duchy Blog , helped the family make some Christmas decorations and watched some of Barry Lyndon amongst other things.
I also finished off some of the Legione Tradgardland. They are jaeger. Notice the unique grey uniform which is worn by the regimental marksman - winner of the annual shooting contest. It is most highly competed for and sought after. I fear the photos are not the best I have taken but at least give a flavour of things painted. Next I will tackle some fusiliers and commanding officer. Back to work tomorrow and seven days to the start of Advent - I can hardly wait....
On Thursday I had a game of DBM - first for ages. My English of Henry v111 were soundly beaten by my regular opponents Swiss. He did not lose a single element whilst I lost too many to mention. Next time I think we shall go for my Early Imperial Romans against his Germans /renegade Romans under Civilis. Now I wonder what the Duchy of Tradgardland was doing in the centuries prior to the !8th Century.....


  1. Thanks for the photos of Legione Tradgardland - the jägers part!


  2. Cool idea of the special gray uniform (kind of like the yellow jersey in the Tour de France).

    I think you need more light on the minis, maybe daylight or a good reading/hobby lamp or 2. Also, for better focus, you might try putting a little more distance between the camera and the minis if your camera doesn't have a close-up setting or close-up lenses. I set my camera on a book and use the camera's built-in timer to snap the shutter for sharper photos.

    In any event, it's always good to see some pics of minis. Thanks!