Saturday 8 September 2007

Manouvers in the forest....

In the forests of the Duchy a mixed force of jaegers, local farmers and woodsmen ( who have sailed over from Ny Tradgardland to share their skills and expertise) are on maneuvers. They are attempting to apply the lessons of the New World to the Old. They work alongside the militia specialising in light infantry tactics and kliene kreig. It is hoped that they will patrol the Duchy frontiers in times of crisis and war. At the end of the manoeuvres a report will be written and sent to the Inner Council for consideration as to future use and deployment.


  1. A great idea for a light unit added to the Mighty Forces of Tradgarland!

  2. I am wondering what type of troops to use for Stagonia as the equivalent of Saxe-Bearstein's Grenzers. I have been thinking of some North American troops . . . either European frontiersmen or Native Americans.

    Your picture suggests that the former might be a good choice.

    -- Jeff

  3. Jeff,
    do you remember my July post
    "Fictitious Lace Wars armies can 'look right'" on the Presipalty of Monte-Cristo blog? At the end, under "VI Annex: North American Troops in Fictitious Lace Wars Europe?" I precisely endvisaged ("VI-B: The Oumpah-Pah case") a warband of Mohawks-like that has been sailed over across the Altantic to use their skills and expertise in the European theatre of war.