Thursday 26 August 2021

For l have miles to go before I sleep...

 Captain Gruber and his Croats have been charged with taking supplies to the local town. They are to follow the road which leads through the forest, across the ford and eventually to the safety of the garrison in the sleepy town. There a glass or three of hock and a comfy bed awaits for Captain Gruber. The only problem is that enemy mountain troops are reported to be in the neighbourhood. The good Captain jumps onto a boulder and strains to see anything ahead but to no avail. He sighs and gives the order to set off...


  1. Geek points - Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

  2. I fear this is not going to go well for the brave Captain Gruber and his troops, we will see....

  3. Your games make me want to invest in some 18th century figures!!! My heart is full of sorrow for my wallet (and my wife!) will not allow it! “Wait until Christmas” they say, always Christmas…haha!

    1. You can get 1/72 soft plastic 18th Century ones relatively cheaply . I have a few spare ones l would be delighted to send, enough for a skirmish game.Where are you based?