Friday 20 August 2021

Learning to guide

 I have been in Edinburgh quite a bit recently and enjoying wandering about this great city. The wandering has been fun but the main reason has been to recommence my guiding which began prior to Covid, stopped but has restarted. The place I am guiding at is the former Mansfield Place Church in the centre of Edinburgh. It is now a function/hospitality venue. The building was decorated by Phoebe Traquair and was home to the Catholic Apostolic Church in Edinburgh. The building went to wrack and ruin when they left but has been restored to all its glory . Follow the link for more information-

Here are some photos I took giving a flavour of this incredible building-


  1. Wow! What a fantastic looking place. Will put a visit on the "must do" list.

  2. That looks beautiful. If I ever get to Edinburgh again, that is on the list!

    I’ve never heard of the Catholic Apostolic Church, unsurprisingly.

    1. Edinburgh is soo worth a visit. Great weekend destination or longer.