Sunday 1 August 2021

Go West 2

 Although Edinburgh born and bred l have always enjoyed visiting Glasgow. I love Edinburgh but Glasgow always had a wee exciting edge for me. For one year we lived in a satellite of the City and we were in and out of it quite a bit. In my late teens and twenties l was often seeing friends in the West. So it was great on Thursday to be back partly to see my youngest’s new rented flat and partly for a wander.

I took photos of the Stair she lives in and also of buildings in the City I passed by. I have always enjoyed buildings and architecture with Glasgow supplying many examples  to take in.


  1. Is that the old Baird Hall on Sauchiehall St? I used to have friends who lived there when I was a student...lovely Art Deco building.

  2. Very lovely Alan! The tiles are excellent and the architecture is superb! The art deco building is a wonderful example! Thanks for another great tour!

  3. Love the detail and the architecture; the Glasgow Tourist Board should pay you for the advertising! It's a pity so much modern architecture is so bland and boring by comparison.