Saturday, 12 January 2019

An old friend and technical issues

I have been using this old friend as a painting guide this week-

It has served me well since l bought it in Foyles February 1988. I took this photo of it with my iPad which leads me to my technical issues. I have pc problems and cannot connect my camera or iPhone to it to down load pics. I am therefore blogging using the blogger ap on my iPad and taking photos with the aforementioned iPad. The photo quality is not good. Any suggestions as what to do next, apart from sorting the pc which for complicated reasons is not an option. I look forward to the suggestions of the collective blogging community,thanks.


  1. I'm not an i-thing user so I don't know what restrictions Apple's software "walled garden" may impose and you give no details of exactly what limitations your PC problems are causing. I am assuming that your difficulty is in getting the photos onto the PC. (I'm not sure why you cannot take pictures on your iPhone and transfer them to the iPad via the cloud for blogging.)

    For what it's worth - which may be very little - were I to have the same problem with my Android phone I would have two solutions: firstly I could save the picture to the cloud (Amazon or Google Photos say) for download to the PC; secondly, I could use gmail to email the photo to another of my email addresses and read the email in Windows Live Mail (yes I still use unsupported software).

    What I could not do is load any pictures from my non phone/tablet cameras to my PC without a working USB port on the PC (even my SD card reader is via USB).

  2. You can sync your iphone and ipad together, so that any photos you take with your phone will appear on your ipad after a while.

  3. Almost all my blog photos are taken using my IPad and photo edit / crop etc if that helps.

  4. I have taken photos with my phone then emailed them to myself and downloaded them on the computer . I'm not that Teccy but is it that your computer doesn't recognise your camera or phone ? - I've had this before and had to cancel all devices and try and reload them again .

  5. "I'm not that Teccy but is it that your computer doesn't recognise your camera or phone ?"
    I have had this problem before- specifically with my ancient PC and relatively old Nikon camera. My solution was to save the photos to an SD card and then transfer to the PC via the SD card.