Friday, 15 March 2013

To the North yet again

Ulfheonar having not been hired by Ogmund Half -Troll have sulked and moaned their way (kicking aside any stray hound that got in their way not to mention youths) across the valley to the Hall of the chieftain Elk-Bjorn. They offered their services as bodyguards.Elk-Bjorn has taken them willingly into his service ...
Olaf Lynx (Elk-Bjorn's loyal standardbearer and friend) is less sure of the newcomers but the forthcoming raid upon Ogmund Half-Troll's village will be an opportunity for them to prove their worth...
The forthcoming battle will be fought with Tidders splendid (Old School at their very best) rules to be found here-

Eat your heart out Saga I say!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the battle...and what great rules, only 2 pages and free!!

  2. Indeed!
    As the years go by I have less and less inclination/time/energy for complicated rules.I don't wish to pay £30 or more for glossy piccies surrounded by some rules text...