Saturday, 16 March 2013

I blame John Preece...

Well actually I don't ,in fact I am indebted to him for helping me recall ideas that have been at the back of my  mind for years! They are in a dusty portable writing case ,sorry my mind,where old plans lie about and hope to be recalled.This all  happened as a result of comments upon my recent picture of part of my bookcase.So Saturday morning early has seen me scurrying off to my copies of Lawson and Childs.So thanks John,at the very least I will dust off the old plans ,add to them and file them away.Or perhaps something more.We shall see.
Addendum -John, how do I contact Old John re buying a sample of his 1670s 20mm chaps?



    and most importantly

    By the way have you seen those new Red Box Barbary Pirates?

  2. Thanks for info John.
    I can't seem to find the Red Box Barbary Pirates at all- every other one of their output appears but not the aforementioned ones...

  3. Well, first off they are called Alegerian Pirates and secondly they are by Mars not Red Box.

    Help from me is a very double edged sword these days.