Saturday, 9 March 2013

Positively Medieval!

Bee in the bonnet time- I hate when people use the word "Medieval" in a pejorative sense.It seems to be everywhere these days and the useage sooo misses the mark.Rant over ,but don't you agree?
Anyway I was delighted with my birthday gifts including this magnificent book of photos of medieval reenactors-
 Published by Karwansaray it is beautifully bound and a joy to read and hold.
This week I have continued to paint up Medievals for Oldhammer games.The Tradgardlanders are almost complete-
The smallish force works out as follows-
1 unit of 12 Golden herring Knights on foot
2 units of 12 bow armed men at arms
1 unit of 8 crossbow armed men at arms
1 unit of 2HW armed men at arms
1 minor hero with bow- winner of the Ducal archery contest five years in a row
1 major hero with 2HW in plate armour- The Duke's Champion - winner of the annual tournament

Now to ask for your help-
Do you think I should add static grass to the bases or leave them simple with just the green paint showing.Please leave your thoughts as comments below or vote on the poll ,thanks!


  1. Great looking army there Alan, and impressively quick painting. The book looks interesting too. I seem to remember some historian or author describing the middle ages as " a thousand years without a bath", which seems a little unfair.

  2. Yes, I think "Medieval" gets unfair negative connotations (especially since I became "middle-aged". ha ha)

    Looks like a great book and a very nice present.

    You army is looking good, too. I'm not sure about the basing. Maybe leave it un-flocked, play with it a while and see if you want to flock later? It's easier to put on than to take off.

  3. Alas Springfield I cannot but own up to say that they were finished rather than started from scratch...
    Thanks F-B & M for advice...

  4. Shaping up nicely there. Yes, medieval does have unjust negative connotations these days. My wife and I made a tour of local castles in Norfolk-Suffolk, and the sophistication of designs stands up well today.

  5. The medieval English had public bath houses (which became associated with prostitution), leading to decent Tudor folk not washing but changing their linen instead.

    I've always been a flock fan - it hides any irregularities, but they're your chaps and will look splendid either way.

    Kind regards, Chris

  6. It annoys me too when people use the term is a negative sense as the medieval period is a time of great advancement in technology and culture.

    Very nice troops to Alan