Wednesday 12 October 2016

Brief Battle Report

The rules used were the "Introduction to Battle Gaming" ones by Terry Wise. They provided an exciting,if bloody, solo game. Back in my student days at the Edinburgh Uni Wargames Club I played a lot of Johnny Reb rules with 15mm figures and look back on the system/games with affection. More recently I played "Bull Run to Gettysburg" by Foundry in 28mm with my regular opponent a little. All in all the Wise  rules worked well, produced a credible result,were easy to remember and were great fun. Here are a few photos of the game-
The Confederate advance in the face of artillery and small arms fire.
The aftermath of the Confederate charge prior to them retiring from the field of battle...


  1. I used to play 'Johnny Reb' as well , came in a box with counters if I remember correctly , Tony

  2. Yikes! Well, they'll be on their feet again soon.

    I've been enjoying this series of posts. No idea on the rules a few posts back but they doo look very late 70's.

  3. I love the Airfix figures. I was wondering about the Zouave figures; do you know the manufacturer? By the way, I like the black & white photos; they look straight out of a war-game book from the 70's!