Friday 21 October 2016

Further adventures of the Society for Convivial Anachronism

A visit to the Mathom-house at Michael Delving saw a hand cart being filled with heavy sacks.The next day farmer Maggot noticed that some of his goats were missing. Soon the S.C.A were the talk of the district-


  1. Love the figures! It almost makes me want to raise some units of goat riders.

  2. A Mathom, what a treat to hear the word, no one else seems to understand it.
    Best wishes.

  3. Appear to be the type of knights that butt in where they don't belong :) Nice work!

  4. Goat-riders in the sky!
    You must be "kidding"!
    Great stuff, as always, Alan. One of my favourite sections in LOTR is the whole shortcut to mushrooms bit, hastening through the shire. Wonderful stuff...