Tuesday 11 October 2016

Anyone recognise these?

In the back and front flyleaves of my copy of "Introduction to Battle Gaming" by Terry Wise I pasted  ( over 40 years ago and copied out in my own handwriting) some rules additions for ACW gaming-
They comprise morale rules, a firing chart and rules for gating guns. I am sure I didn't make them up myself. I wonder can anyone shed light on where on earth I got them from?


  1. I don't recognize them, sorry. I love that they include rules for a Gatling gun. Next to the lance and the pike, the Gat was one of the least used weapons of the war, though we all love them.
    The mods look very sensible.

  2. Can't help you with the rules, but your youthful writing looks just like mine did then! In fountain pen of course.

  3. The morale table on page one has entries which remind me of Featherstone, Jeffrey, Mumford and a few others no doubt.

    1. Indeed.. the morale table has more than a whiff of Featherstone about it.. worth checking against the ACW Rules in "Wargames"??