Sunday, 6 November 2016


 Currently I seem to go from cold to cold and am very tired and more than a tad low. Struggling on teaching,supporting the girls and trying to find a new constructive way to live my life without Jan. It is hard often.
I have, as ever, enjoyed reading your blog posts ( a great way to to start the day with coffee and breakfast) and sometimes commenting on them. I think of projects but have little enthusiasm or energy for executing them. I can't be bothered getting out loads of figures and setting up a game. I have however just started to do a little work on my 25mm Portable ECW Rules old school Minifigs. It seems manageable currently in both setting up,playing solo and painting for-
I wonder how many of you are eagerly awaiting-
which is due out towards the latter part of January? I am currently enjoying thinking of what forces to raise for it. Anyone started thinking/planning/painting yet?


  1. I for one am eagerly awaiting Pikemans Lament. I'm not sure which end of the era I will do. It will involve Sweden. I'm leaning towards TYW as I don't have any figures in this era but the Scanian War seems interesting. The GNW is also on the table. Then ofcourse comes figure selection. There's way too many choices.

  2. I to await with interest these rules , which if they are similar to Lion/Dragon Rampant should be great ! , Tony

  3. I have it on order and I've a playtesters pdf but other than a skim through awhile ago I am determined not to read it lest I change period again! :)

  4. Oh, I wasn't aware of these rules! I agree, that if they are similar to Lion/Dragon Rampant they should be good. I have started building a dwarf army that fits the period, and even though they are not historical figures I will probably want to get Pikeman's Lament and give them a try. But then, I'll need to figure out suitable opponents for the dwarves...

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with all of those issues though. I hope you can find some enjoyment and pleasant distraction by way of small and/or portable games with miniatures.

  5. Tradgardmastare,

    I know just how you feel about trying to teach when you are under the weather. It is terribly debilitating; you use all your mental and physical energy to keep going all day ... but once you get home, the fatigue hits you. I'm sure that when you get over your cold, your energy and motivation will return and things will look much better.

    I'm pleased that your ECW version of THE PORTABLE WARGAME has at least given you something fun to do ... and the new set of rules from Osprey look interesting.

    All the best,


  6. I always wanted a Minifigs ECW could be the time. Hope things are looking brighter soon.

  7. Keeping you in best wishes and prayers to get through this difficult spell. Your ECW figures look lovely, and seeing figs like that always tempts me into this period. I first got interested in it years ago, after an old TV series By the Sword Divided.
    Any rules by Mersey should be good, I warrant.

  8. I hadn't heard about these, but my plastic 30YW Swedish and Imperialist armies are looking for employment...

  9. Hi Alan,
    Sometimes you may feel without enthusiasm or energy, but never doubt that your posts give us ideas or inspiration. Sometimes we act and other times we don't, but here are two examples.

    Your recent posts on the ACW has seen me go off to re-acquire Terry Wise's Introduction to Battle Gaming (I sold my original copy many years ago.) And now I'm thinking how I can use my Old Glory ACW figures with his rules.

    And I didn't know about The Pikeman's Lament until you mentioned it, and then I mentioned it to chaps at the Perth club and it's got us wondering. We enjoy Lion Rampant and if this new ruleset is in the same vein then we could see a re-awakening of interest in the Pike and Shot era. And the rules also supposedly go up to the Great Northern War so that's another excuse for us to take an interest.

    Thanks for you posts.