Sunday, 6 November 2016

Re "Pikeman's lament"- some questions...

I wonder if anyone can tell me the unit types/definitions in the forthcoming rules the "Pikeman's Lament" to help me plan. Is there a category which particularly fits  musket and axe armed strelitsi for example? Is there a category like the 6 figure  infantry skirmisher units in Lion Rampant? I have every intention of buying the rules when they come out for need a tad more info for planning/modelling.


  1. If you were to put the question in the General Section of the Dux Rampant forum you would get an answer I would think.
    Also, is there any way I can email/pm you, or you me, because I may be able to help you out.

  2. I've sent the question to club-pal Michael Leck, one of the authors
    You might want to follow his blog

  3. Hi

    Sorry for not noticing this question erlier.

    I suppouse you refering to the Russian Streltsy musketeers. I´m not an expert in the area but I would field them as a 12 man unit of ordinary "Shot" @ 4 points. If you build a 16th century forece they might be considered Elite and you can filed them as 12 man unit of Veteran Shot @ 6 points or as a 6 man unit of "Forlon Hope" @ 6 points. I dont know if they was used as skirmisishers but if so you can field them as a 6 man unit of "Commanded Shot" @ 2 points.

    Hope that helped you planning out?

    Best regards Michael