Saturday 19 November 2016

Basing try out for Portable Thirty Years War etc

This week I got some Minifigs S Range for my Portable TYW/ECW project-
I have used them so far to try out some basing /deploying ideas.Firstly a large Tercio-
Secondly Dutch?/Swedish?-
As ever let me know what you think and all suggestions welcome. Incidentally I have not tried out these formations in a game yet. 


  1. They look great, Tradgardmastare. I love those bristling pikes.

  2. The squares work well in representing those two formations, especially the potentially difficult to represent Tercio.

  3. The figures look good, but personally I would have more musketeers in at least two clear ranks on the Shot bases for both tercio and Dutch system.

  4. I like the old school figures and old school painting - sounds like maybe you got them 'pre-loved'? As to formation, I reckon the thing with pike and Shot is that they need to look like a proper block of pikes, and maybe you need more than 2 ranks to get that look? Two ranks feels more like a line.. of course that can get expensive, sorry about that! I am using 15mm figures as a result , and struggling to paint 'em with my age 50+ eyes! Your blog is lovely, do keep it up!