Tuesday, 6 May 2008

5th May 2008 and 1758

At home yesterday for May Day . Much gardening accomplished and seeds sown - a good sunny day. Managed time a.m to go under the stairs to sort out my Reichsarmee / Austrian forces to be painted for BAR. Perused flag uniforms books too - most useful time.
The Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland walked through the orchards surrounding the Palace . They took in glorious sight of the blossom filled trees and how they signified the arrival of Spring . A messenger arrived with a letter , brought by Tradgardland fishermen, from Vonn Bergmann . It told of his part in the recent battle and how the Prince had won a glorious victory in Britannia. The Duke and Duchess read with interest, each quietly reflecting upon the fact God had delivered their oldest and most trusted friend on the day of battle.


  1. God Speed to Herr von Bergmann. I hope that we hear more of his doings and whereabouts in Caledonia. (I'm trying to figure out ways to work him into the story line, especially given his feats of valor on the battlefield). I leave that part up to you as I will follow your lead on your character. :)