Sunday, 11 May 2008


I went with a friend to Carronade yesterday - excellent show with light and airy venue. I saw the new old school miniatures in the flesh and they are excellent - well worth getting! Afterwards we returned to my friend Phil's garden for a wargame al fresco. Everything was set up , the game began and then the sky darkened , thunder rolled and a quick exit was made to the house- the tiles enabling the game to be set up in the lounge! This was the first outing for Charles the Bold against the Swiss. I commanded the Swiss and an exciting game ensued . The Swiss won and Charles the bold met his demise during the game. Figures painted by Phil - who also took the enclosed photos. It was a good day....


  1. Wow, that is a nice looking game. I like the terrain system very much and the figures are gorgeous.

  2. I am looking at the game again and find myself intrigued by it. What rules did you play, how big were the units, what type of figures. Very tempting stuff.

  3. Excellent terrain and minis!

  4. Jim
    we used DBM rules . The figs were a mix of Old Glory and Foundry - mainly Foundry. The Swiss were divded into three pike blocks with associated skirmishers whilst the Burgundians were in units of about 6 plus elements from what I remember. I feel DBM is a sadly underrated ruled set which gives a paper free, realistic and exciting game - far more than WAB in my opinion.

  5. I find that in the few times that I have played WAB games, that I can't keep track of all the factors to go into the various functions of shooting, morale etc. I need to have someone tell me what I need to roll on the dice :)

  6. Jim
    Have you tried DBM ever? They are sadly underated and have so much to offer - not beautifully presented and illustrated but a superb system never the less? I wish someone would do for them what Wargames Foundry has done for the Terry Gore Medieval rules- not that Phil Barker would wish such a makeover for dbm!
    p.s do you collect medieval/ancients at all?

  7. That's a nice looking game! I must admit I've not dabbled much in the mediaeval or Renaissance eras, although that may change soon. One player is talking about buying an Elizabethan English army, and I've toyed with getting an equivalent Spanish force.

    Our club does play ECW using Armati rules, which I don't particularly like. Maybe DBM would be better.

  8. I have always had a soft spot for the late Medievil period from the Hundred Years War through the period when the Burgundians vs Swiss were at their zenith. I like the mix of weapons: clunky old unreliable artillery, cross bows, maybe some arqubuses in the later period, knights and traditional melee infantry.

    My first choice would probably be the armies at Bannockburn (the Black Douglas is one of my favorite historical characters), then War of the Roses, HYW and late Burgundians, in no particular order. I like them all. Probably the lack of an easy to play set of rules is what has kept me away from the period. I have no interest in playing WRG because it appears that one has to be a lawyer to play the game, based on the tournement games that I have watched over the years.

    Your game pictures just simply struck me as having that "wow factor". So I will have to file the idea away in my "something to do in the future" section. I have enough on my plate right now with Jacobites, SYW Austrians and British, 1806 French, Prussians and maybe British, so I don't want to start a new period,but can appreciate watching a new one none the less.

    Over the summer, I want to get a good core of Jacobites completed, dabble in some more SYW Austrians and then hit the Fall in stride with a lot more 1806 stuff. But early Renaissance, ah... alas.

    PS: what are von Bergmann's uniform colors again. Bill has the foot figure, I was thinking of painting a mounted RSM version of him for our Jacobite Campaign and then giving you the figure once we are done.

  9. Jim
    Please do not let rules lawyers put you off a great system. I cannot abide such behaviour. I have never been a competition gamer and that style of play plays no part in the gaming of Phil and myself.I am a great fan of the late 15th century- have you seen the Company of St george reenactment site- they are fantastic . The group involves/involved Gerry Embleton .
    many thanks for yoyr offer of a mounted Vonn Bergmann. His trade mark is his rose/pink coat. Otherwise just be flexible- I am sure he would mix and match as part of the campaign...

  10. Jim
    here is a link to the reenactors I previously mentioned :