Thursday, 8 May 2008

The next morning

By dawn the men who had been lurking upon the border with Skogsmork had been captured and were ensconced within a prison cell in Tradgardland's Capital. The Duke himself was called upon to speak with them in person. He reminded them that although Judaical torture was outlawed within the Duchy in 1750, in cases of treasonous behaviour, he could not guarantee their safety.
The men remained silent,yet respectful, throughout the interview. With a sorrowful shake of his head ,Duke Karl Frederick left the cell. The prisoner's fate would be put before the Inner Council when they meet next week...


  1. Oh oh! Spammers about- how sad they have made it to 18th century Europa....

  2. Alan: you can delete the spammer posting from your own blog.

    BTW, perhaps Milady de Winter might be willing to make a side trip to Tradgardland and offer her services of persuasion to your prisoners.