Monday 19 May 2008

The Sun shines in the Duchy...

It is the Holiday Monday for Edinburgh Schools so I am off. The sun is shining here in the Duchy of Tradgardland, the grass is cut and I have just planted out my Bolotti beans beside their willow structure. I have carefully laid dried coffee grounds around each one to hopefully keep off the slugs. Slugs are like wargame rules lawyers- they turn up out of the blue and all is spoilt!

I have begun to paint my opposition to Phil's Burgundians- late 15th century Imperialists. They are based upon Foundry figures I have had for ages- the figures are so atmospheric and I almost feel transported back in time as I look at them. I trust I can do some justice to them painting wise.The figures are a heady mix of City Militias , Mercenaries , Knights and other odds and ends . I am trying to get flag details and livery details. I am inspired - this will be one flank of THE SUMMER PROJECT! With 7 weeks off in teaching I am truly blessed and intend to take my Germans forward. The other flank will be ongoing work with the SYW - painting basing etc. I am still debating whether to single base with movement trays or magnetics OR multiple bases with doubles and singles for casualties. Any thoughts Gentlemen?
p.s a gratuitous photo of Copenhagen for no other than the reason it has inspired much of my thinking about Tradgardland and I love the place...


  1. I like magnetics, figures can be removed and any/all can be used for skirmish games or other purposes where you need some individuals. But bases with sort of mini-dioramas can look great, too.
    I've been to Edinburgh a few times in past visits to Europe (in fact I think I've always managed to get to London and Edinburgh on each of several trips to Europe over the years). Edinburgh is one of my favorites.