Sunday, 10 February 2008

A letter from Shetland...

The first Sunday of Lent finds the Duke engaging in a game of Tennis with the Duc de Padirac -a fierce yet cunning opponent. The game is watched by the duchess and other members of the court. During a particuarly energetic rally a letter is delivered to the Duchess. She opens it, gasps and falls faint uopon the floor. The Duke rushes to her side , sees that she is in the good hands of the ladies of the court and picks up the discarded letter. His face distorts in anger- the letter flying crushed from his hand. Without another word Karl Frederick strides back onto the court and civilly asks the Duc to serve. In the midst of the royal game much thinking will be done....

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  1. Hey Frank?

    How long is the journey from Tradgarland to Shetland by sea? Not that, you know, a recently mentioned squadron would be heading there or anything. :>