Friday, 22 February 2008

Vive La France?

I speak personally now and do not wish to offend the sensibilities of anyone at all. Over the last few days I have come to a decision that changes my current plans. I feel I cannot continue to bring more unpainted lead into the house until I paint some of the backlog. Therefore the Spanish are on hold for the present. However the good thing is I am about to embark upon the painting of a 1470’s French army for dbm/dbmm. I am quite excited about this as it will get upon the table figures I have had for too many years. Command figures this weekend I hope…


  1. I read at first '1740': joy!

    Once the Spanish matters again progressing, hopefully you'll endvisage to integrate the 'Southern' campaign in the 'EvE' general framework: time is rather elastic there, and the South-Western part of Urope sadly (from a wargaming pov, of course) peaceful.

  2. Good luck with the project . . . just remember what happens to wargamers when the run out of unpainted lead . . .

    -- Jeff