Sunday, 24 February 2013

To the North...

It has been a busy week here in the Duchy. Work hectic, a hospital appointment  for me and John Lewis failing to deliver beds to my late mother's flat  which we are preparing for rental! They twice made wide windows/time slots to deliver in and twice let us down.On the third attempt they promised they would be there within an hour window on Saturday morning.To cut a long frustrating story short they arrived at 4.30 and were a tad rude and unhelpful. We will not get them to deliver again.
I am too tired to create and work any further upon my portable seige.So (modelling wise) a trip to the Northlands was in order.
My 40mm Saxon/Viking project has had some new recruits of late and stands at around 80 figures or so.I have decided to morph the armies into two armies each led by a Viking chief ,the figures all  being really suitable for general dark age chaps.They will inhabit a Viking age country influenced by the above map,the Viking films of my youth in the 1960s ,Noggin the Nog and diverse Viking books and novels. Here are the two brave Chiefs and their loyal standard bearers-

The first figure is a Expeditionary Force one and the other is one given me by Tidders and slightly converted
Both are metal figures ,also from Tidders and  converted a little.Probably Saber and Sash?
There are five berserkers undergoing painting today but as the sunne has begun to shine I will pop out to the garden first.However I want to leave you with some scouts from the northlands equipped for snowy weather.

I have had the elk ( a nodding toy from years ago,one  which I cannot remember where it comes from, but one which I have tried to find a use for for years) and at last have found a good use for him.Alongside is a skier with horn to call for aid  when required.
I hope you enjoyed my efforts and any ideas for Viking names would be appreciated.


  1. Fantastic!

    I love your elk cavalry.

  2. Tradgardmastare,,

    It is SO frustrating having to wait for something to be delivered, only to discover that it is not coming. To have that happen twice (and almost three times) must be far, far worse.

    At least your Saxon/Viking project has made some excellent progress; very Noggin-like!

    All the best,


  3. Noggin the Nog! Now there's a hero! 'Round the great log fire'.

  4. Looking good. How about Ragnar Hairybreeks as a name, or look at this page

  5. Very nice Alan with 40mm Viking minis are they Prince August you moulded by your self?

    I especially like the skiier and the elk rider:)

    Best regards Michael

  6. Really cool; nice conversions of the Sash&Sabre figs I sent you.

    One of my next small projects is to attempt to model the main characters of Noggin the Nog

    -- Allan

  7. Nice figures. I also like the skier and elk-rider scouts. (is the elk's name "An"? as in An Elk.)

  8. Firmin & Postgate are brilliant. Noggin would make a fine series of skirmish games. Although he generally wins with less fighting and a good deal more common sense than most nordic kings!