Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Portable Siege Wargame?

Whilst travelling in the week prior to Half Term I made loads of notes about hobby things to do. The majority concerned ideas for a Napoleonic Imagination Portable Wargame Siege  Alas time precluded doing as much as I hoped but I did want to share some progress with you prior to getting back to work tomorrow.It  will be a busy five weeks to Easter so I am not sure how much I can do except in small bursts.As ever clicking on the photos may increase their size to aid viewing.

An aerial view of part of the board (cereal pack) with wooden houses behind a packing material wall clad in model railway card. A lot to do in terms of ditches/moat & gate etc.Figures added for scale and general atmosphere.
A potential besiegers eye view showing extra cladding needed on the gatehouse ,loop holes etc.After all I did say it was a work in progress. I really must do something about the Selotape join!
Finally a shot of what I am working on- bases of engineers(some with piles of earth a few with some mine head structure) cannons with crews and a wagon /supply base. There are quite a few cannons unbased to use on the walls. Apart from the scenery figures all I have to do is devote some time to rules ideas.As ever your comments and suggestions are really welcome.


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    What an interesting idea ... and one that is ideally suited to the 'portable wargame' concept as a battle to breach a town or fortresses defence would be fought over a relatively small area.

    I will follow your progress with great interest.

    All the best,


  2. I'm intrigued by this project - look forward to seeing the final result.

  3. Good idea! I think the PW grid would lend itself very well to geometric fortifications and siege works. It should be relatively easy to devise rules for the length of sap or line dug across the squares in a turn. Similarly, easy to rule how many turns of breaching battery fire would be required to create a breach one square wide to permit entry of a storming party. Bob's artillery template would work well for indirect howitzer or mortar fire into the town behind the fortifications.
    You could have two boards: one depicting the whole fortress on a small scale; the other, the part of the fortress selected for attack.