Saturday, 16 February 2013

Follow up to "Coffee in a different light or a tale of two bases..."

A wee while ago I sought the council of you all regarding basing.I had much useful advice,a good discussion and many comments left. As a result I thought long and hard  and went forward as follows-
A Black Rider accompanies a unit of trolls and one of wargs.I am quite happy with the counterpoint between Old School figures and terrrained bases. Dried coffee basing medium with a little flock and a stone or two. In the next photo are the finished elven scouts and a wizard clothed in brown without bunnies or sleigh in sight-
Again I am moderately happy with the result.I might add the odd slate chip for variety but no more.
As ever let me know what you think...
Finally a long awaited book arrived today about one of my favourite artists/illustrators and stained glass designers -Harry Clarke-
I discovered his work when I did my year's teacher training in Glasgow.At that time the College had one of his windows on display.I was entranced by it. My book purchase tells me that the aforementioned window will go on display in the Kelvingrove Museum later this year. Google Harry Clarke and wait for the fantastic images to appear,you won't regret it!


  1. HC is magnificent - he designed one of the stained glass windows where I worship. An extraordinary talent.

  2. Figures look great, keep forging ahead with this project. I'm just re-listening to the BBC radio version of LOTR and enjoying it very much.