Tuesday 24 October 2017

BP etc

At half term I spent a few days in Yorkshire with friends which was so relaxing.Last week I was in Copenhagen for two nights, it was fantastic,lovely hotel,food and Norwegian airlines excellent.I got back on Thursday, On Friday I went to the nurse just to check my BP- it was 210/110. Had to see the  GP who put me on tablets there and then! I got a shock! Went back yesterday and it was 160/110. Had a good chat with the nurse practitioner and feel a tad calmer. Trying to do my bit in terms of diet,caffeine and exercise. Got ecg today and get bloods next week.
Any other fellow bloggers dealing with HPB? Ideas sought. 
Finally on the the subject of BP ( British Petroleum this time) are any of you watching "The Last Post" about the conflict in Aden? We certainly feel it is well worth a view, as is the Netflick's new Star Trek.


  1. Haven't had it checked recently, but I've always been pretty good on BP. I tend to manage stress well enough, though my diet is crap.

    I haven't seen the Netflix Star Trek. It sounds like it's supposed to be available, but I can't find it on Netflix.

  2. I'm on meds for HBP and I generally run close to "normal." I come out high when the machine takes my BP by crushing my arm. I found that meditation and deep muscle relaxation help keep the BP down. It works for me anyway.

  3. My BP is okay , keeping the weight off is a problem, I like biscuits !

  4. Got to say I haven't the faintest idea what my BP is...better get it checked. Glad you had a good break.

  5. Been on meds for three plus years now. Strangely I have never suffered from HBP, so Lord knows why. I find that when I get dizzy etc, I simply sit down and breathe deeply, funnily enough thinking about some wargaming aspect seems to help. Aging is a bastard especially when one has so many things they would like to do. Stick at it and eat plenty of tinned oily fish.

  6. Buy a blood pressure monitor (Omron is a good make) about £25 online. Take middle reading of 3 readings at different times of the day about once a month, your medic will find this helpful.

  7. Having discovered angina a couple of years ago, and undergoing a surgeon doing things with wire and tubing (how he managed to get to the heart from my groin beats me) I am now on an assortment of pills. Most of the time I'm fine, but I do walk slower than I used to, and tire out easier. Just operate slow and stately, that's the way.

  8. Hi Alan

    High blood pressure is fairly common these days and there are good medications which help manage it better.

    A good diet helps too.

    My BP in the bad days was sort of 180/100 but tablets brought it down within a few months. That was over 10 years ago and work stress was largely responsible.

    My BP today, being 10 years older and a TIA down the line is in the 150's/90 which my GP is not happy with. Some of medications have been upped and another added to my little list.

    There are some medications which I cannot tolerate (statins for example) so I am careful with my diet, don't smoke and rarely drink.

    I looked up the 10 things you should do to lower your blood pressure and I am already doing 8 of them.

    My only 'sin' is cheese.

    Take care young man, maybe see you at Kirriemuir.


  9. I hope your plan of action sees both of your readings move in the right direction. At least now you are aware of your 'silent' condition and are in good hands (hooray NHS).