Saturday 28 October 2017

Snow effect for bases sought...

I am looking for ideas on how to replicate snow on bases for wargames figures,both single figures and element-type basing.
p.s thanks also for the supportive and helpful comments to my previous post


  1. I've used Tamiya - Diorama Texture Paint - Snow Effect - White with good effect. Really sparkling and lifelike.
    You can see it 'sin action' here
    and here
    Really recommended

  2. haha, should be 'in' action obviously.

  3. There are snow effects from some companies that do paints and/or terrain materials. I have just painted bases with pale blue and white myself. For homemade solutions I have of people using things like baking soda. If you want it more realistic a bit of sparkle can help (not sure what you could use for that - I assume salt would dissolve in any liquid, such as glue or paint you would need to use with it).

    If you google "snow effect miniatures" it should bring up youtube videos and other links with various ideas, techniques, and such.

    By the way, I just pledged for a kickstarter that is doing Noggin the Nog miniatures, even though I didn't know the source material growing up in the US. :)

  4. I've pledged too,I grew up lovely the stories...

  5. Paint base white, paint it again with PVA and sprinkle on Woodland Scenics snow effect flock. Spray varnish when dry. I've used this method for years - it lasts well.

  6. I've used baking soda mixed into white adhesive/PVA and it gives an okay result. I'm sure there are better methods out there though.

    1. I've seen great results with that simple technique.

  7. Always a tricky one...I've never had much luck with snow effect powders. I just use sloppy Tetrion wall filler and then paint white with a very light dab of blue in to give the cold effect.

  8. When I think of modeling snow on bases, I recall this scene from HBO's Rome:

    Pompey: He sits alone in Ravenna with one mutinous skeleton of a legion and he dares to dictate terms to me!?.

    Mark Antony : Caesar has many more legions than the Thirteenth.

    Scipio: Yes, on the far side of the Alps.

    Mark Antony: Winter does not last forever. Spring comes. Snows melt.

    Scipio: That is a threat!

    Mark Antony: No, I assure you, that is no threat. Snows always melt.

    I just choose to model the snow after it melts.