Sunday, 5 November 2017

Quo Vadis?.

I have dug out the 28mm napoleonic chaps from the shed, the tyw army (unpacked,still on spruces as it left Warlord ) stares accusingly across the bedroom and loads need sorted. I know destinations l wish to visit on my hobby journey in terms of games albeit too many and too diverse. They include Norwegians for Sharpe Practice Danes for an old school game based around the siege of Copenhagen to name but two. I am hopeful that eight months time will see me with more energy,enthusiasm and time for the hobby but I can say no more upon this currently. Perhaps until then l will resolve to game more,set the bar lower and tinker ,the time of the bigger projects will come. What do you think?


  1. Think tinkering is the way forward , you have to enjoy what your doing hobby wise or things never get done . Tony

  2. Tinkering and small games are not only a good way to pass the slow times, they are enjoyable in themselves. Deadlines and performance measuring are for work.

  3. Yep, I too cast my vote or gradual tinkering.

    Best Regards,


  4. Tinkering on the bits your interested in is the best approach.

    I flit between my 'multitude' of projects - some things don't move for a while but I get back to them eventually :)