Thursday 16 November 2017

Compatibility with Lammings Normans?

I acquired some Lamming Miniatures Norman cavalry ( full of old school charm) recently to use in a wee side project for Lion Rampant. I wonder if anyone can suggest any figures which would be compatible with Lamming  ( I doubt I have the patience/opportunity to wait for sourcing more Lammings) in order that I could finish two sides for the game. I will have around 30 cavalry but no infantry. I have a fancy to depict rival Norman forces in Italy or Sicily (I love the Byzantine style mosaics) so might need some Arab/Berber figures too. Any ideas?


  1. Would Irregular be of a suitable size ?

  2. MiniFigs. Back in the day (way back in the day) I mixed MiniFigs and Lamming in a WRG ancients army. They looked fine side by side. MiniFigs is still doing business and have a website:

    I have to say, however, that my last business with them was frustrating. Unless they've improved over the last few years, their Internet business practice is abyssimal.

  3. Would be worth asking Tony Barr at ERM if he can supply you with any more Lammings - he owns the moulds though they are not currently in production, he might be willing to cast up a few for you as a special order.

    I wonder if your Lamming Normans are the ones which were on eBay a few days ago? I resisted bidding for them. I have always loved Lammings since saving up to buy one of them a year from Bill Lamming at the old Durham Wargames show. I have some Saxon Infantry somewhere - the Normans were very Noggin the Nog as I remember (unless that was the Vikings). I have plenty of Romans and Britons and shed loads and shed loads of Medievals. Very idiosyncratic figures with those Easter Island faces, customisable with some separate heads and weapons - if you like them you really love them. I was also very lucky to come across Bill Lamming's display figures for his mythical short lived but lovely Seven Years War Range in a general auction in Driffield, which answered some long standing questions. I couldn't afford to buy the ECW ones as well, unfortunately.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion re Tony Barr.Yes they are the Ebay ones,I only won two of the lots I bid upon.

  4. Irregular, Minifigs and Warrior I would say. The latter are very cheap too :)