Sunday, 21 October 2012

Some small steppes,sorry steps...

With my recent inability to/lack of desire to carry on (at present) with my Tradgardland mid 18th century project my mind has been exploring possibilities for another opponent for The Imperium and her troops.On trains and in diverse places I thought of a few possibilities-an Italianate Dukedom,Gallia in the 1740s to name but two. However a combination of  my visit yesterday ( and the preceding anticipation) some Osprey's purchased at the time of my 50th and a rummage in the depths of the lead mountain came together last night-
The very start of a big 50 man unit.I don't know if and when I will finish it although I very much intend to give it my best shot time and energy considered.Thoughts too are of a new character in the form of a  young princess from the Duchy of Tradgardland travelling to the East to marry a Prussian obsessed Duke.We shall see where we go with this one...


  1. A promising line of investigation. My Grand Duchy of M'yasma is vaguely Russian, but it seems to me there are all sorts of possibilities not only Russian, but also Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish and of course Byelorussian, one can call forth into an Imagi-Nation.
    All the best with it!

  2. Good luck with the new project! Hopefully you will find it fun and and enjoyable!

  3. Ah! My dear duke! You, too, have gone East - the Molgravians welcome the company. It looks like Tradgardland et al is not finished yet (when is any wargames project 'finished' anyway)!

  4. Cheers!
    Don't be distracted, friend.