Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tradgardland goes to Russia,almost...

Well we are coming to the end of my Half Term break.I have enjoyed it as well as getting some useful things accomplished also. I have moved my late mother's flat and affairs forward with my wife's help and enjoyed a renewed enthusiasm for the hobby.
Today I went with my eldest, Zoe, to see the Catherine the Great Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland.It was put on in partnership with the Hermitage Museum and contained a selection of it's treasures.
A photograph of the Duke of Tradgardland  just prior to going in to the exhibition-Two key eighteenth century figures depicted together for the first time.
We were treated to a glorious array of   court costumes,china,paintings and diverse fascinating items from the 18th Century.A few hours flew by very quickly indeed. I was particularly taken with a wooden intricately carved sledge and the picture of an ice mountain built upon a frozen river used for toboggan rides by the Court.It was a tremendous exhibition to visit and I have had my "Enthusiasm Batteries" for the 18th Century recharged...


  1. I'm glad that you had a good time and are recharged!

    We certainly don't get a chance to see something like that in far western Canada.

    -- Jeff