Friday 23 February 2024

Ahhh, better

 Had a super game of Charge yesterday. Here are my figures , before the game,unpacked-

Oh the dissonance, white bases on green cloth, nooooo! It was too much. Not to mention the far too big ( to my eye anyway) bases I had used!An excellent game later l returned home to ponder this. So rummaged in the base box and found these-

Acrylic 40mm square bases, which are clear.

The unit rebased beside the old bases for comparison.

Finally the same unit in Winter and Summer-

The clear acrylic works for both, causes no dissonance and offence. Ahhh better. Now just the rest of the army to rebase in a similar way…

Thursday 22 February 2024

Airfix conversions

 I was fascinated to see these Airfix figures in a magazine at Ronnie’s. I was particularly intrigued to see the conversions of the cavalry figures. They look like they are based on the US Cavalry set.

I am interested in what others think.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Forthcoming game

 This is a colourised engraving of the forthcoming battlefield for the encounter between Tradgardland and Albion-

Does it look familiar to you?

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Crossfire trial game

 Set up the table for a Crossfire trial game-

Will use 1930s Swedes and Norwegians until l can paint more appropriate figures . Inspiration-

Monday 19 February 2024

Update 2

 Cleared the desk top today and also info re the model show-


 Another week began yesterday in the Duchy. Real life took over last week and l had to cancel Friday’s game. Little hobby stuff , apart from reading, has taken place over the weekend. I seem to have picked up another cold/fluey thing and currently go from one to the next with a day or so between. The washing machine has very effectively dealt with the Cloth Mountain ( makes a change from talking about the Lead one) that built up. Saturday saw another Zoom gathering of the Virtual Wargames Club which is always a joy. The mix of fun, fellowship and hobby projects is a great way to spend ninety minutes. I have come to realise just how important this gathering has become for me and I try to go as much as possible. As an annual event like Woking ( 54mm games, discussions and net working) has been cancelled this Spring the virtual community has become even more important.

My weeks are either famine or feast currently, almost too much or too few things on. I am missing my weekly University Class and eagerly anticipate the one commencing in April. This is an excellent week hobby wise. The postponed battle ( based on a famous one in Charge l believe ) between the Duchy of Tradgardland and the Duchy of Albion (?) will take place. This will be the first battle for the 1790 Tradgardlanders and is one l eagerly anticipate.  Also I am playing another Dark Age skirmish set in the ongoing clash between Vikings and Irish. The last one was fun and showed the enjoyment a small encounter can give in terms of tactical decision making and the joy of bad dice throwing. Also this week is  Model Rail Scotland, a big show in Glasgow. Always interesting, l await it with enthusiasm.

The ongoing battle with the Black Dog continues and has been quite a ding dong battle in the last week. I didn’t slay him but gave as good as I got. 

Finally a gratuitous Elk picture-

From the Kalevala, I have dipped in and out of it over the years but really ought to do it more justice. Tolkien was a huge fan of it .