Friday, 9 June 2023

Keep me travelling along…

 Yesterday saw me trying out bus routes to and from Falkirk. I got a direct bus from Dunfermline to Falkirk via some local villages and countryside. The 85 minute journey flew by. In Falkirk l visited Waterstones and the Seagull Trust second hand book shop.

The above two were got for £1.85 each and are part of a series l have been collecting. Well Illustrated and full of interest, they are great introductions to their themes.
With Falkirk being on the Antonine Wall it is not surprising that Waterstones has a good selection of books on the Romans . I picked up this one I had not seen before. Below is a mural behind the till.
My return journey was a 38 bus to Forth Valley Hospital where I changed buses to the Stagecoach one for St Andrews which stops in Dunfermline. A useful trip out.
On my return l found the spare parts had arrived -
I tried to figure the way to use the horse leg spares with my legless Arabs but made little progress, I will have to have a think…
Instead I put glue, cocktail sticks and masking tape on the cowboys to replace their revolvers and fill in a few holes.

Thursday, 8 June 2023

Spare parts

 Saw this picture online offering all these 54mm spares for a fiver plus postage-

I couldn’t resist as I need to restock the spares box. The horse legs will come in handy not to mention the arms and heads. Any thoughts on what to do with the cart wheels etc?

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Monday’s post

 This parcel arrived on Monday from far away-

On opening l observed these splendid illustrated boxes-
Having opened the boxes l was delighted by the contents-

I couldn’t resist painting a few up to see how they looked-
The rabbits are about 45mm or so tall. I have put in one of the rabbits from my weekend game for size comparison purposes. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2023


 Been having a read , a think and a plan…

Monday, 5 June 2023

Hello old friend

 Just popped through the letterbox five minutes ago-

Saturday, 3 June 2023

A fantasy portable Wargame battle

 Set up a small portable wargame scenario. The villagers, with wizard , hero, longbow men and men at arms  defend their property from the rabbit invaders with rabbit hero mounted on a giant snail, other mounted rabbits and mean rabbits on paws. Some photos before turn one began-

Battle report over the weekend…

Friday, 2 June 2023

Recent arrivals

 Two new books have just arrived for the Ducal Library-

One is part of a crazy idea to visit one day the other extending the Portable Wargame phenomenon even further to great effect. Both inspiring reads in their own way.