Monday, 4 July 2022

Defend Fife today

 An enjoyable afternoon out to see the WW2 event near Dunfermline-

My daughter reads the Polish defence maps of central Dunfermline.
New to me , Chinese reenactment.
My daughter tries out the massive wood saw…
German troops display of their rations and cooking set up.
Information about fougasse taken from training manuals
Fascinating home grown weapon beside the LDV table.Looks like tins as ammo, but full of what?
Close up of Polish forces defence maps of Dunfermline.
LDV table and volunteers.
The fougasse drum and one hidden as it would have been used.
1939 Scots soldiers looking very Great War in the mortar and Bren trench they had dug.
Information about ww2 armoured trains including the one which patrolled near here.

German troops and their tent. They had lots of interesting medical supplies and food items as well as other equipment. All in all a most enjoyable trip out via vintage buses there and back.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

1790 , the vanity project or something else

 I admire those wargamers who are not butterflies like me. They inspire us by their discipline and single mindedness. I am not one of those, l flit from wee project to wee project, sometimes getting there.

This being a significant anniversary in the life of the Duchy of Tradgardland I decided that it was high time to see where the Duchy is in the latter part of the eighteenth century. So with numerous scribblings on the back of metaphorical fag packets made here are some thoughts and concrete plans-


Unit sizes : bigger infantry units 40- 50 figures, smaller units around 24- 30

1790- I have always loved , since l saw them in a uniforms of the world type book as a boy, the Swedish and Russian uniforms of around 1788 with their comic opera style. I also want to use uniform information l have on Norwegian uniforms of the period .

Painting: majority being done by professional painters, a few bits n bobs/ wee units/ personalities by me.

Flags : commissioned from David ( partially based on ideas of mine from fifteen years ago.

When : set in a Tradgardland winter.

What : civil war with intervention rages in Tradgardland 

Who : A dispute between brothers as to who is the rightful Duke.

Where : mainly set in the Smaaland province of Tradgardland 

And that’s it for now ! Comments and ideas please ( if you can due to blogger) and more updates soon…

Ronnie’s battle report

Click on the above to see the Battle of McHookie’s Croft battle report by Ronnie.

P.s I have downloaded the document, opened it and it works! But only til the 3/7/22. 

Get it now!

Friday, 1 July 2022

They want you as a new recruit.

 I am most indebted to Brian C for the new Lamming recruits below, including some splendid Roman Civilians. They will expand the forces currently on the painting table-

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Midnight at the oasis, part the second

 Set up a small skirmish with my Lamming Egyptians…

Pharaoh gets ready to lead his army into battle against the rebels…