Thursday, 14 May 2009

In the Chantry Chapel...

The Guild of St Hermes had an old chapel in the backstreets of the capital. Forgotten by many,abandoned by others and neglected by the majority of guild members it was manned by an old priest Fr Augustus Mercury. He , it was rumored , had changed his name to obtain the Living and had resided in the presbytery for over thirty years. He was the focus of those who looked to the "Glorious days" of the guild when every regiment had it's brace of hares( handled with infinite patience and skill by members of the Guild of St Hermes) which could be seen haring across the Field of Mars . Each one equipped with a silver message tube upon its back ,held on by the finest of leather harnesses. Thereby orders were given and received...

Tonight would see the annual Mass said for deceased members of the guild. It would also see a gathering of the supporters of Fr Mercury who still bred and kept hares - awaiting the call ( which never came) from the Tradgardland General Staff.

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  1. Interesting . . . I would think that the hares would hide rather than go to humans . . . but what do I know? I've never even seen a hare.

    -- Jeff