Sunday 25 October 2009

An Update..

I trust this finds you well. It has been half term and it has been good to be off for a week. I have enjoyed some time to do some painting and reading and prepare for the last month of the kitchen work- painter starts tomorrow...After my "Charge" game - which was great fun, I intended to post the pictures but they had not come out at all...
I was rather disappointed and somewhat surprised. However the good thing was that Tradgardland beat the Imperium in a close fought game. My regular opponent is due tomorrow and I will post pictures afterwards.
Other news-
I went to a wargames club for the first time in perhaps 30 years. I was invited by a chap I travel with sometimes on the train-thanks Tom. He invited me to see an Ancients rule system being played "Basic Impetus".
I was most taken with the game and the friendly welcome I received. I will go back and intend to raise some Picts for what is a diverting and enjoyable system.
Of late I have become more and more immersed in the alternative world of VBCW ( a very British Civil War) where Edward viii didn't abdicate and Britain was plunged into civil war. The background is well researched and I cannot wait for the second source book due out next week. It is a heady mix of interwar equipment and fascinating what ifs...
I have also had my interest in the history,art,architecture and politics of the period reignited and I am enjoying a combination of BBC 4 documentaries and reading.
By the way there is a lively discussion of VBCW at the gentleman's wargames parlour.I have also been revising a FLW Scandanavian army list and ferreting out images for my FLW blog- some crackers posted there of late ,if I say so myself...
I must go now- clocks to turn back,church to go to and friends coming back here afterwards...
Have a good Sunday!


  1. I haven't played it, but "Basic Impetus" does read like it would be a lot of fun . . . and I've read a lot of good reports about it on TMP.

    -- Jeff

    TMP is "The Miniatures Page":

  2. I was recently toying with the idea of going to a wargame club, to get a bit more variety from my solo-games. Not too sure how many there are in Central Scotland, but your post is encouraging stuff! I'll keep searching.