Monday, 23 November 2009


I am in the midst of a new kitchen being delivered and an ongoing sore ankle but I wanted to share my background for a VBCW with you all...
Midsummer 1938 saw things come to a head in East Fife.Growing concern over the increasingly Communist nature of Fife coupled with a desire to support a "Godly King" in the face of Republicanism had the local area aflame with rumours . Finally( in great secrecy) a meeting was arranged in the university town of St Andrews.Around the table sat a disperate group of men representing the interests of many- Established Presbyterianism,Anglican League influenced Episopalianism,the University authorities,the town council ,local lairds ,tenant farmers,the Royal and Ancient golf Club and members of the fishing community.Promises of support from beyond the sea were laid upon the table also. The debate lasted long into the night and latterly they were joined by the commander of the local airbase at Leucars. The following morning saw the start of what became known as The League of St Andrew. Four days later ,within the ruins of the medieval cathedral, a vast crowd gathered to hear oratory and see flags unfurled...A message of Independence,under God, was sent to the Goverment in Edinburgh and patrols established over the coming weeks in the surrounding fields ,sea and sky. What would be Edinburgh's response. The coming months ,as summer drew on to autumn would see many changes,joys and sorrows...
Do let me know what you think of it!


  1. Sounds great - I like the idea of the VBCW very much.

  2. I'm surprised that they didn't sign a covenant! Hur, hur, hur!
    The idea is intriging and I'm looking forward to seeing how it is developed.