Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Parcel...

It was really cold last night- to say the least. However I am up,have good coffee to hand and will tell you now of my parcel....
My daughters spotted the postman trudging through the snow and I colected my parcel from him at a freezing front door...
It was indeed a parcel from Lutelande- a whole "Charge" regiment designed and cast for me by John. The figures are fantastic and will be used to raise the regiment refered to in last Sundays post. It will introduce a new character to the battlefield also . I will see if I can get some undercoating done today...


  1. They look like they'll be great on the tabletop . . . and they are a new figure that I've not seen before.

    The figures that I have from John are definitely a different pose . . . of course mine are intended as vile Stagonians, so you wouldn't have wanted them anyway.

    Have a jolly time with them, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Oooh, shiny! ;) But yes, they look very nice. Good luck with the painting, and we're all looking forward to the results. Merry Christmas!

  3. There are few things better in life than receiving a long anticipated package in the mail. Especially if the package contains miniature soldiers!

    I'm looking forward to seeing these stout-hearted fellows taking their place in the line of battle. Savor the process!

  4. Echoing the previous comments - yes, it's great to receive a package. Looking forward to seeing pics of the painted minis!
    Merry Christmas to all in Tradgardland!