Wednesday 6 January 2010

A way through the woods (of projects that is)

Firstly may I say thanks to all for their good council . I have decided upon two main projects to
run with this year. These will be run in conjunction with the Funny Little Wars 54mm Swiss project and the ongoing story of the Duchy of Tradgardland and her enemies big and small(syw with Charge/Grant rules) .The first of the projects will be ( here represented by the Ravilious designed Coronation mug) 1938 a VBCW. This will probably take the form of a series of games based upon tithe wars in Norfolk/Suffolk. Forces will include English Array/Mistery, local defence volunteers,farmers - with perhaps support from the B.U.F,regulars and the Anglican League defending Walsingham from forces loyal to Edward v111 and others. Figures ordered from Musketeer miniatures with others in the pipeline. Rules are old school ones available free from Empress figures...
The second project (here illustrated by painting) is to gather Yorkist forces for the Battle of Towton in 1461. Figures are Foundry supplemented by plastic Perrry probably. Rules will be Terry Gor'e Medieval warfare....
More details to follow and figures to be undercoated. I am sooo tempted by a tankette for English Array.
I am currently planning a rather interesting development in Tradgardland with a "soldier of fortune" from Luteland being waylaid upon the way and persuaded ( by a heavily protected chest of gold) to offer his services elsewhere. Watch for developments soon!


  1. Hi Alan!

    If you're still looking for a ruleset, you might want to check out "A Coat Of Steel" recently put out by "The Perfect Captain".

    Oddy enough their website is They have some very interesting concepts.

    By the way, Agent von Mack has not given up on capturing the Duchess of Sachen-Vindow. Her current residency in Vile Stagonia is just another obstacle to be overcome.

  2. Good luck with the projects and keep us posted! :)