Friday, 12 February 2010


Good Morning! It is 6.00a.m....
I havent posted here for ages and it is
good to be back. I have not been away anywhere but have been caught up with work and the busy nature of life
Today sees half term beginning at Midday and I am off for nine whole days-huzzah!
And what of the Duchy here? My eldest became 16 at Candlemas and is becoming a young woman.I am so proud of her .
I have been reading much to do with the politics and society of the 1930s in Britain. This has been sparked off by interest in
VBCW1938 a community of creative ,knowledgeable and genial chaps if ever there was one. I have become fascinated by the 30's as an age of idealism in contrast to our own .

March will see my half century and the family have bade me work out what I wish as a gift. I have given it much thought,sought the council of others and came up with many options- a greenhouse,Duchy Orginal tools ,a camera, a piece of art and others. However I decided on something else . I have asked for an 18th century writing slope/box - a portable one used on campaign and/or travelling. It seemed so appropriate and fills me with great excitiment.The deal was struck yesterday and the antique box will be delivered by carrier next week. I cannot wait but will ( after a brief look to ascertain safe travel) allow it to be put away until the 6th of March. I can't wait....
I will post more over the coming days and tell of this weekends visit to the local wargames club and next weekend's 1938 big multi player game next Saturday.Have a good start to the weekend when it comes one and all!


  1. What a wonderful choice. Piccies on arrival please.

  2. Welcome back. I've missed your posts and certainly hope that you find yourself able to post more often.

    I too look forward to seeing photos of your gift.

    -- Jeff

  3. My wife would drool to have one!
    Alas, I would simply love to have my table back!