Sunday 27 May 2012

Fine weather

It is good to be back online,catch up with emails and the acts of my fellow bloggers. Yesterday I was able to have some painting time in the garden- allowed by the fine weather here in Tradgardland.. You see me working upon the new Duke and Duchess as well as figures from the Court.

Whilst offline I have,amongst other things, been enjoying the cricket from India and will miss this glorious spectacle when it finishes tonight. I dip in and out as circumstances allow and my daughters have become interested too. Lewis on ITV3 continues to provide splendid images of Oxford and good stories as well. I finally succumbed to buying the dvd of " Brotherhood of the wolf" and am really enjoying it.I am only part of the way through but am gripped by the 18th century (!) lain out before me.

Hopefully today will allow further painting ,gardening and diverse pleasures which fine weather facilitate. By the way you can see some 54mm lead lancers galloping across the lawn at my Army Red/White blog...


  1. It is good to hear that you are back with us, so to speak!

    I must admit that I am not quite sure what I am going to do with my evenings now that the IPL is coming to an end and - with a few honourable exceptions - the rest of what TV has to offer is so bad.

    I have never tried painting in the garden (other than the odd attempt to spray undercoat) and the idea sound worth pursuing. Natural light, clean air, space ... what does it not have going for it?

    All the best,


  2. Nice to see you back online again , must admit I like painting outdoors as well , the only problem is at the moment the sunshine is accompanied by strong blustery winds .

  3. Welcome back. Glad to see the brush stirring into action again. I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf years ago, but seem to rememebr there was a rather attractive lady spy in it? Interesting to see your comment on the Tomten over on Alfronts blog....we have one of those living in our house in the attic above the garage, and also a book called The Tomten which is a firm favourite with all 3 boys.

  4. That could catch on, you know! Once my vine covered pergola (is that the word) is, well, vine covered again, I'll have a crack at this al fresco lark.