Sunday 27 September 2015

Upon the woes of Warttemburg

"Setting aside the rumours (only briefly I assure you) concerning chamber pots and hands of whilst the Duke's extravagences must be faced. One needs not mention the affair of the kidnapping (and virtual confining) of the Meissen Kiln Master for seven inglorious years nor the young alchemist feted at Court as you will already know these things too well already.However, something must be said regarding the Duke's singular and abiding passion-porcelain.Of the hours spent alone in his closet pouring over figurines,plates,cups and more. Of Thalers spent that were not his to spend,of debts too cruel to mention..."
extract from "The Diaries of Doctor Erasmus Rutze"
Due to the Duke of  Warttemburg having limited funds in his warchest ( understatement of the 18th Century) the dragoon regiments are mounted upon draft horses not chargers. Esprit de corps is rather in short supply but the men are grateful for any horses as the clouds of war appear over the Duchy...

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